IKEA, a global retailer with 350+ retail stores in 43 countries with a total sales volume of about 28 billion Euros, has implemented Barium Live to support several processes. One of the implemented solutions is the Investment Approval process. The major benefits were increased efficiency with 70%, full transparency and 100% process compliance. The solution required less then five weeks consulting work and in the time frame 3 stepwise improved solutions were developed. The implementation was faster than the time it took for an investment to pass all necessary steps prior the implementation.
Article in Computerworld UK

A retail company with operations in Sweden and the Baltics implemented Barium Live to manage Order confirmation and Order approval for a number of their private label vendors. The solution is primarily used for vendors that are small or where there is high degree in seasonality/trend, which means that the vendors might be replaced more frequent. Prior to the implementation the process was managed manually with a high workload, low transparency and quality to issues with all lead to a need of additional stock to avoid the risk of shortage. Post the implementation, that took no more than 3 weeks of consulting work, transparency, efficiency and measurable precision was gained. The client has been able to lower capital tied up in stock substantially and also increased the efficiency it their logistic chain.

A global manufacturing company focusing on safety equipment with operation in 29 countries are using Barium Live to manage the Supplier Charge Back process. Before the client was not even able to get half of their claims when they had stop or quality issues that was directly related to lack in the suppliers products or the delivery precision. With Barium Live they have reduced the claim lead-time with 57%, are close to 100% when it comes to charge back ratio. And what is even more important, the number of Charge Back cases has decreased due to the better process. We at Barium did spend less the 4 weeks to make this possible.

The client is in the transportation industry and operating the commuter traffic in a European capital. They are using Barium Live as a platform. The initial initiative was primarily focusing on process documentation to assure quality compliance. Once that was done they started the journey doing more and more processes executable. Today they are running processes in operation, to assure that the planning is done the right way and that information is transferred between different shifts around the clock. The client also uses Barium Live for different processes within HR. They haven’t reached their final destination yet so their Barium Live journey will continue.

A global service company supplying vending machines for food and beverages in 21 countries are using Barium Live to implement their new strategy. By documenting all processes “As-Is” in Barium Live the where able to in a fast and structured way and based on strategy decide and define the “To-Be” definitions of their processes. Once that was decided they have now started to make process-by-process executable. Barium Live is a key component in implementing their new strategy. And so far processes in Barium Live have replaced 5 old systems.

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