Process modeling made fun

Barium Live provides you with a brilliant process modeling experience and all the tools needed to collaboratively take your process work to a new level

No software needed

Barium Live is fully web based and does not require any software. Simply use a web browser of your choice to model and share your processes.

Easy to use and quick to set up

Barium Live is super easy to use and to set up, allowing you to get down to work immediately. Just sign up and get started!

Lower costs

Barium Live gives you lower costs by eliminating the need of IT infrastructure, boosting productivity and reducing the need of physical meetings.

Facts about Barium Live



What is Barium Live?

Barium Live is a web based Business Process Management and Modeling tool delivered as a service. It provides you with a much more efficient way to work with process modeling and documentation compared to alternatives such as Visio, Powerpoint and other locally installed modeling softwares.



What it does?

Barium Live allows you to model, store and easily share great looking BPMN process models by just using your web browser. It also enables you to collaborate with your team when designing and analyzing processes, regardless where on the planet they might be and what device they have at hand.



What is cool with it?

A cool thing with Barium Live is that it’s built with passion for process modeling where the result is not just an easy to use and efficient modeling tool, but also a tool where it’s fun to work with processes. Another thing that is really cool is that when modeling processes in Barium Live, you are just a few clicks away to be able to create smart business applications that boost productivity and supports day-to-day-work.



What does the rest of my organization think of it?

IT people usually loves it since Barium Live integrates with existing IT landscapes and does not require any upgrades or maintenance. Stakeholders to your process work are also mega enthusiastic since they can view and use the processes on any device at any location, without any requirement on special software.



What areas can I use it for?

You can use Barium Live stand alone to model and document your processes, or you can use it as a component in a Process Based Management System since it easily integrates with your existing Document Management Systems, Portals and Line Of Business applications. You can of course also use Barium Live to take your processes to a new level by using the built in Map-To-App® technology that allows you to rapidly create bespoke business applications completely based on your process models.


Sounds interesting?

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