Digitalization driven by process

Barium Live offering an easy way to digitalize business processes and gives you the speed and agility needed to keep in pace with fast changing business demands

Shorten time to solution

Barium Live reduces time to solution dramatically and gives you the ability to fast and better respond to new business needs.

Get more out of existing applications and data

Barium Live lets you take advantage of and refine existing applications and data in end-to-end processes that spans organisational boundaries.

Brilliant economy

Barium Live allows you to do more with less time and resources. You pay for usage and you have no costs for infrastructure and maintenance.

Facts about Barium Live



What is Barium Live?

Barium Live is an enterprise class Business Process Management Platform delivered as a service (bpmPaaS). It is secure, coexists perfectly with existing IT landscapes and provides a different, more efficient approach to deliver IT solutions compared to alternatives such as On-premise BPM suites and different development platforms.



What it does?

Barium Live allows you to rapidly create and roll out bespoke process driven applications that are easily changed and improved over time. Everything is done in graphical designer tools and applications built on Barium Live are easily integrated with existing systems and data through built-in Integration services and APIs.



What is cool with it?

A lot, but one thing that is really cool is the incomparable speed with which you can create applications. It is also cool that Barium Live does not require any hardware or software installation at all. It is built on modern web standards, works on all kind of devices and integrates easily with both on-prem and cloud deployed systems.



What does the business think of it?

Business people loves it. Applications created on Barium Live are completely based on the ways of working that they have decided and described through their process models. Barium Live also has a modern, intuitive and easy to use run time environment that works on all devices, meaning that end users can use the applications wherever they are.



What areas can I use it for?

You can use Barium Live for a wide range of scenarios. A sweet spot though, are human centric processes that spans systems and organisational boundaries and where there is a need of automating parts of the processes. Applications built on Barium Live can work standalone, orchestrate and extend existing systems or be an integrated part of a broader solution. It can of course also be used for prototyping or only to model BPMN processes.


Sounds interesting?

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