Operational excellence made easy

Barium Live provides you with the tools necessary to streamline your business operations and to stay relevant in a world that spins faster

Ability to rapidly adapt to change

Barium Live gives you the capabilities needed to continuously improve and adapt, but also transform your business processes to meet new customer demands.

Improved process outcome

Barium Live helps you to improve quality, shorten lead times, reduce risk and delight your customers in critical business processes.

Lower costs

Barium Live boosts productivity in day-to-day work and activities associated with change management, giving you better resource utilization and lower costs.

Facts about Barium Live



What is Barium Live?

Barium Live is a modern productivity platform that provides an alternative to run your business operations, instead of manual ad-hoc processes supported by email and spreadsheets. Or even worse, homegrown systems and applications whose expiration date has passed long ago.



What it does?

Barium Live allows you to quickly set up and roll out enterprise class business applications completely based on your decided ways of working. Those apps will simply give you a more efficient way to handle your business day-to-day routine and nonroutine work in critical business processes.



What is cool with it?

A lot, but one thing that is really cool is that you don’t need any developer skills to create applications on Barium Live, everything is done in easy to use drag and drop designer tools. Even cooler is that this goes super-duper fast compared to conventional ways of creating applications.



What does my IT department think of it?

IT usually loves it. The thing is that Barium Live perfectly fits in and coexists with your business existing IT landscape. It integrates with your important systems, it is secure and it does not require any maintenance or hardware and software installation.



What areas can I use it for?

You can use Barium Live in a wide range of areas. Frankly, the challenges businesses have with their processes are often the same across different functions and industries. It is often about coordinating the work to be done together with the information and people needed to do it. And that is exactly what Barium Live does. You find enterprises using Barium Live across all industries and they use it for all kind of different processes.


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