Supply Chain Processes – digitalised

Increase delivery precision, lower tied up capital and cut costs – by automating supporting processes and digitalising manual and labour-intense workflows thats being handled beside your core systems

The Supply Chain organisation play a vital role in today’s fast-paced business – new business models emerge all the time and new competitors rise to the challenge before you barley know their name. And on top of that – the customers’ demands have never been greater


  • Reduce manual administration, and let the process guide all users through the process in order to avoid bottlenecks and lack of information
  • Enhance delivery precision – Better control and confidence in the processes
  • Support the whole Order-to-Delivery process on top of your current IT-solution – Capitalise existing IT investments
  • Change from sequential to parallel activities when possible in order to cut lead time

Supplier Portal & Order Acknowledgment

  • Reduction of several days in the capital tied up in existing stock
  • Measurable delivery precision
  • Considerable reduction of unutilized transport capacity
  • Reduced costs for externally hired warehouses
  • Complete control and transparency regarding order status

Optimised supply chain network

  • World-Wide collaboration cross functions and organisations
  • Planning processes shortened by several weeks
  • Capability to implement on-demand changes in less than half the time
  • Changes can be made proactively and more dynamically instead of quenching fires that occur all the time

Deviation handling

  • Barium Live provide a standardised way of working across countries and departments, that ensure all deviations will be reviewed and acted upon
  • Handle deviations from your core processes without the need of complex excel spreadsheets or workarounds
  • Boosted process compliance leading to quality improvements and reduced costs
  • Keep every stakeholder involved internally to make sure delivery precision and quality

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