Service Management

Private and public sector are under pressure to deliver more value and reduce costs. Barium Live will automate and streamline processes within service & facility management in every IT-landscape

Service Management is all about enhancing and controlling supporting processes in order to increase value for the core business – actually, that’s exactly what Barium Live does. Adding extra functionality and capability to the core-system.

Service request

  • Put Service Request on your website – let your customers fill in our form on the website or through the mobile
  • Barium Live provides a user-friendly interface, for both the customer and your employees
  • End-to-End process, from Service Request to dispatch, problem solving and documentation
  • Increase transparency and control of the service request process – provide customers with the answers they want

Maintenance process

  • Transform your maintenance process, from reactive to proactive
  • Connect the dots – Barium Live will easily connect itself to internet-of-things and Line-of-business system
  • Create a bespoke maintenance process for your unique needs, especially for infrastructure and larger sites
  • Complete control and transparency regarding maintenance status

Customer Center

  • Establish a single point of contact – even if connection is made through mail, phone, social media or personal meeting
  • Gather a knowledge-base and FAQ for your supporting-staff – answer questions faster and implement a learning organisation
  • Smart Start™ – Automate and minimise amount of clicks needed to start a ticket
  • Integrate your Contact Center with e-services and Line-of-Business Systems

Non-conformance handling

  • Barium Live provide a standardised way of working across countries and departments, that ensure all deviations will be reviewed and acted upon
  • Handle non-conformance and deviations from your core processes without the need of complex excel spreadsheets or workarounds
  • Boosted process compliance leading to quality improvements and reduced costs
  • Keep every stakeholder involved internally to make sure process compliance and quality

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