Ensure higher productivity and process compliance

Barium Live digitalise business processes in order to fill the gap between existing ERP-systems and actual business processes. Letting employees become productive and quality assure without telling them what to do

Barium Live empowers quality managers and business leaders with the capability to model processes and create management systems that actually lowers cost and improves quality every day. The Barium Live platform will transform your process models into applications that will make sure nothing is forgotten or done in the wrong way. We have helped our clients save millions of euros by simply reducing waste and automating routine work.

Management System

  • The most intuitive and easy-to-use process modeler on the market – create stunning process maps and management systems in no time
  • Easily navigate among processes and levels by the click of a button or bread crumbs
  • Web based system – no need for installation or costly implementation projects
  • Support BPMN 2.0 – use the most popular process language, used by all major vendors to avoid lock-in effects
  • Easily connect to any document handling system, such as SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Barium Document Manager, File server etc.

Reclamation handling

  • Simplify and digitalise the entire reclamation process in order to satisfy customer needs and improve internal process around reclamation.
  • Integrate and involve external parties and vendors – maintain high quality, short lead times and low cost of operations
  • Easily search, filter and act on reclamation cases on any device, anywhere.
  • Integrate and embed our system into your environment in order to achieve a seamless experience without human errors or duplication work

Continuous Improvement

  • Encourage and involve your organisation in the continuous improvement work – in order to keep the competitive edge
  • Barium Live provide a standardised way of working across countries and departments, that ensure all ideas will be reviewed and acted upon
  • Higher pace of innovation and improvement when good ideas will be taken care of, including follow-ups to all applicants
  • Implement a culture of improvement, empowerment and innovation – utilised the strength of the organisation

Non-conformance and deviation handling

  • Report, Review and Perform action on the go – web based system from A to Z
  • Powerful and easy-to-use case handling system that follows your process – Including automation and escalation to ensure compliance
  • Integrate and involve external parties such as service providers, purchasing department, production etc.
  • Available on all devices including cell phone and iPad – approve request anywhere

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