R&D processes digitalized!

Supercharge your processes within R&D in order to increase collaboration and transprency between marketing, sales, purchasing and production – Introduce new products faster

Boost innovation and business agility by involving all departments in an end-to-end process from idea to finalized product – idependetly of currect PLM, Excel spreadsheets or workflow you may use. Barium Live lets you control processes concerning NPD, Change Request and Introduction.

New Product Development

  • Simplify and digitalize the entire new product development process in order to involve Marketing, Sales and Innovation team all the way to a ready made product
  • Reduce manual administration, and let the process guide all users through the process in order to avoid bottlenecks and lack of information
  • Connect and integrate with PLM-systems, Excel, SharePoint and project management system to your needs. Barium Live will support the NPD-process independently of under-lying systems and organisation structure

Product Change Request

  • Gain control and audit trail of the complete Change Request process, without using the NPD-process
  • Shorten lead-time, involve departments outside of R&D and even external parties without losing control of the CR-process
  • Implement your paper-based CR-process in a couple of weeks indepent of existing or upcoming PLM-system

Innovation process

  • Gather, Quantify and Qualify innovative ideas in a structured yet flexible Innovation process that wont freighten your creative persons or methods
  • Involve external parties, groups or customer insight teams in order to validate and assess ideas that has the highest chance of success
  • Innovation and Ideas linked directly into your NPD-process in order to immediate action

New Product Launch & Introduction

  • Introduce new products locally or globally in tight collaboration with stakeholders such as retail, partners and agents in order to maximize proft
  • Keep every stakeholder involved internally to make sure delivery precision and deadline
  • Get a grip of you product lifecycle from need to launch. Work across boarders

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