Bring your organisation to the digital world, even with your current legacy system and organisational structure

Barium Live digitalise business processes in order to fill the gap between existing ERP and Line-of-Business-systems and actual business processes

ERP-systems today play a vital role in most organisations and especially within finance, administration and supply chain. Even with add-ons and third-party products, the need for excel never seems to fade. Barium Live is a new kind of it-system that follows the process and guide users across departments and it-systems so you can benefit from digitalisation – without thinking about complex architecture.

BPM & BPMN platform

  • Bi-modal capability – Barium Live fits perfect in a BI-modal IT-delivery where we support typical Sprinter-processes. Fast to build, easy to change and lovely to use by end-users
  • Human-centric BPM platform in the cloud – equals user-friendly platform that needs minimum of consultants in order to build flexible applications for most kind of workflows
  • No coding needed – Barium Live interprets BPMN models into Applications by the click of a button. Build and change in minutes
  • Integration ready – REST API and web services along with connectors to several line-of-business systems makes integrations easy
  • Platform independent – Use Barium Live on any device or any modern web browser. Service Request in your iPhone, or advanced case management in the public authority. No problem

License Management (SAM)

  • Software Asset Management tools are excellent at finding and calculating optimal license costs and utilisations – but what happens with the generated report?
  • Barium Live will act on the information generated by SAM-tools in order to execute action and ensure compliance with policies
  • Barium Live provide the possibility to order, change and reduce amount of licenses through our intuitive order process. The solution is designed as a modern web-application
  • Accessible everywhere, open for integration. Barium Live is a true cloud-based BPM-platform designed for integration and collaboration with all kinds of tools

IT investment request

  • Digitalise the entire IT purchase process in order to achieve shorter lead times and better transparency and understanding internally
  • Manage, prioritise and choose among projects and purchase requests based on facts and figures and get the holistic grip
  • Improve process compliance by giving an easy-to-use tool that actually helps each stakeholder in the process
  • Reduce amount of spreadsheets and manual calculations to avoid problems with version handling and disinformation

Service Transition ITIL

  • Project Management
  • Change Management & Evaluation
  • Release and deployment management
  • Knowledge management

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