Ensure higher productivity and less administration

Barium Live digitalise HR-processes in order to fill the gap between existing HR-systems and actual business processes. Letting new employees become productive day one!

HR has become a more strategic function in order to attract an attain talent to keep up with the competition. But HR-processes still need a bit of support in order to streamline operations and cut lead-time to support every business unit. Barium Live can help you onboard new talents, recruit new ones and save you time with travel expense request.

On & Off-boarding

  • Simplify and digitalise the entire onboarding process in order to achieve productive recruits from day one!
  • Improve employee satisfaction by giving a great induction period boosting corporate culture and employee branding
  • Reduce manual work and time spent on administration for recruiters and managers
  • Keep onboarding process, routines and information in an easy-to-use system instead of peoples mind in order to be less dependent on single employees


  • End-to-End Recruiting from business need to onboarding – Improve collaboration & transparency
  • Integrate and involve external partners and vendors – tailored to your needs
  • Easily scan, select and choose among applications in an easy way – filter to your needs
  • Attract talent with a modern and intuitive recruitment solution – embedded online

Competence Mapping

  • Easy-to-use self-assessment of competencies and behavior – save time and encourage action
  • Standardised way of working across countries and departments
  • Spider-diagrams and stunning web-forms give managers and users immediate feedback
  • Audits and tests can be made anonymous – were accurate information matters and actions have to be taken care of
  • Connect results to action – enable user to apply for training to cover weak spots

Travel Expense Request

  • Request, Review and Approve Travel Expense request on the go – web based system from application to decision
  • Integrate and involve external parties such as travel agency and administrative staff
  • Increase spend control, and reduce costs accordingly
  • Available on all devices including cell phone and iPad – approve request anywhere

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