Complete control & audit trail with digital processes

Barium Live digitalise Finance-processes in order to fill the gap between existing ERP-systems and actual business processes.

ERP-systems today play a vital role in most organisations and especially within finance and administration. Even with add-ons and third party products, the need for excel never seams to fade. Barium Live is a new kind of it-system, that follows the process and guide users across departments and it-systems so you can benefit from complete control – without thinking about complex it-systems

Investment Request & Capex approval

  • Simplify and digitalise the entire investment process in order to achieve better control, shorter lead times and better transparency and understanding internally
  • Manage, prioritise and choose among projects and investment based on facts and figures and get the holistic grip
  • Improve process compliance by giving an easy-to-use tool that actually helps each stakeholder in the process
  • Reduce amount of spreadsheets and manual calculations to avoid problems with version handling and disinformation

Budget & forecasting process

  • Structured way of working, a digital process that guide all users in order to deliver budget on time without a headache
  • Sort know-how, way-of-working and best practice in a process and relief people from having all information in their heads
  • Onboard new consultants and employees to your budget process in a fast, easy and fun way

Cost Improvement & Business Case

  • Encourage and assess new ideas for improvement in a self-explaining and structured way
  • Link initiatives, ideas and improvements to different business goals and combine those with business risk and cost
  • Integrate the Business Case-process to your investment request and post-calculation in order to complete the circle.

Payment & Collection process

  • From email & excel to a digital process in Barium Live
  • Improved coordination and control get a full overview among different business areas and regions – obtain full control of who does what and when
  • Promote a standardised way of processing and initiating payment and collections cases – every member of staff work the same way
  • Structured information handling – improve audit trail and analytics capabilities
  • Automate and escalate payment cases to internal and external stakeholders

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