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Learn the skills to use Barium Live to create your own business critical process models and apps. Add knowledge about how to create integrated solutions with Barium Lives powerful integration tools.

We offer a wide arrange of courses to fit all our different customers needs. We also offer tailor-made courses if you have specific requests.

Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN 2.0)

Learn all about the latest modeling notation. BPMN 2.0 is the most widely used modeling notation for creating business processes and communicating ways-of-working in clear, graphical processes.
You will learn:

  • The BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Symbols, settings, best-practices
  • Collaborative modeling in Barium Live

Map-to-App® – Build Process-driven apps in Barium Live

With our trademarked Map-to-App® technology you can deploy any process model into a runnable process app with a few clicks. Transform your model into a powerful tool that supports and steers your business way-of-working.
Here you learn the skills to:

  • Deploy BPMN 2.0 process models
  • Create process-aware forms
  • Automate process activities and decisions
  • Create simple and easy-to-use interfaces for the roles in your process

Secure Cloud integration

Barium Live comes with a complete API that allows you to create advanced integrations between your business process apps and existing information and resources within your IT-infrastructure.
Learn how to:

  • Synchronise users and groups
  • Synchronise data from local storage repositories
  • Extend process apps with integrations through the Barium Live REST API

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