Easily create
powerful business apps

Use our Map-to-App® technology to rapidly roll out business apps that co-exist with your existing IT landscape. Coordinate people, information and automate routine work.


Driven by process

Rapidly create apps without writing code

Create powerful bespoke business apps based upon your ways of working, no developer skills needed, just describe your processes and the rest will follow.

Form designer tool

Create smart forms and ensure data quality

Use drag-and-drop functionality to easily design process aware and dynamic forms to capture and present relevant data throughout the process.



Powerful automation

Stop spending time on routine work and repetitive tasks

Set up rules and automate assignments, decisions, time based actions, notifications, escalations and much more. Let your process apps do the work for you.

User experience customisation

Easily customise the look, feel and functionality

Design the user experience to fit the need for all process roles, give power users the tools they need and occasional users simplicity.




Take advantage of your existing systems and data

Use built in integration services or our REST APIs to integrate with other critical business systems, regardless if they are deployed on premise or in the cloud.

External stakeholder support

Extend your app to involve anyone, anywhere

You can invite or involve anyone outside your organisation to be a part of your business process. Give them access with a personal account or publish resources publicly.



One-click deployment

Built for change

Speed counts in a world that spins faster. Deploy new apps or changes to existing with a click of a button.

Take the next step and make things happen!

Take a look at how you work in a Barium Live solution,
how to collaborate around your tasks and how to follow up your productivity.
Get things done

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