Barium delivers an innovative Business Process Management platform designed for change, which helps enterprises around the world to get things done and to deliver exceptional results faster.

The target customers are leading businesses and organisations that need to automate and assure the quality of their business processes, while also keeping them up-to-date. Barium was formed in 1995, and we have our head office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our employees have extensive experience and expertise in information management and Business Process Management.

The Barium culture

Within Barium we have gathered innovative and driven individuals with a broad background in areas like systems management, business development, sales and more. We have a young mindset, but with a high level of knowledge. We are professional but fun professional. We always strives to be efficient with strong commitments and we always deliver with high quality. One can see Barium the company just like our product Barium Live: fast, efficient, high usability, supportive, innovative, contemporary, vivid and changeable.

We like to get things done, and we like to help our clients get their things done!

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