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The tool that takes you quickly and seamlessly from Map to App

With Barium Live you can work flexibly and efficiently with Business Process Management, and get increased value out of your process models. It is easy to model and share! With a few clicks you create process applications directly from the process map – thanks to our ground-breaking Map to App functionality. You can rapidly implement winning work methods with process applications that include the correct information and conditions. The result can be monitored and evaluated in real time, and when required the process model can be updated and the application improved – quickly and easily. Barium Live is a modern and secure cloud service that works around the clock. You have control over your processes and run applications without having to worry about expensive upgrades of software or operating and maintaining the system. Enjoy your processes with compliance, shorter lead times, increased productivity and pleased customers – simply better business.


and secure
in the cloud

A cloud service relieves you of all maintenance, and we make sure that it is just as secure as an internal solution. You can always follow the server performance in real-time.
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Understandable pay-as-you-go pricing model

What would it cost to implement executable processes in your company?
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Become a Barium
Live Partner

Barium are expanding and as part of our expansion we are seeking suitable partners throughout Europe.
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SharePoint Client

Present process models in SharePoint from Barium Live!
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